Property Maintenance Agreement

Peace of mind from just 25 Euros per month, please contact us for full details.

Property Services

We offer a multitude of property services including cleaning, equipment hire, furnishings and airport transfers.

Airing Chart

Our unique airing chart facility provides you with up to date property inspections.

Property Maintenance Agreement

Our Basic Maintenance Agreement offers peace of mind and a reliable service to our clients. It has been carefully designed to negate the day to day worry and concerns that clients experience while owning a property overseas.

We, upon instruction from our client, become key holders and thus will provide a number of set services which will ensure that they have a good constantly updated knowledge and control of all aspects of the basic requirements regarding their property management and maintenance. With damp and condensation being such a big issue in Cyprus during the winter months the regular airing of a property is paramount.

The agreement offers fortnightly airing of the property along with flushing of all WC’s and general apartment check . As key holders we can supervise all deliveries to the property  We also include post box management to ensure that letters are collected along with the all important utility bills.  The regular visitation to the property also allows for good monitoring of all security aspects associated with an unoccupied property.

The completion of a full inventory of the property is also undertaken at the commencement of a newly initialised agreement.  As a result of the very long wet winter in Cyprus in 2009 also included within the agreement is a fortnightly balcony drain inspection to prevent build up of standing rain water thus preventing damage to the property and to adjoining properties preventing potential conflict between owners.

We also carryout roof appliance checks and complete tests to ensure pumps and valves get a run and usage to limit scale build up and seized running items.

The Basic Maitenance Agreement is proving to be an essential tool for many owners and has allowed complete peace of mind in the knowledge that a reliable, trustworthy manager has taken on the responsibility of monitoring and managing their valuable asset in their absence. With agreements starting from just seven Euros per week our clients feel that this service represents wonderful value for money for the care and reassurance that it provides.

Garden Services

  • Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly services provided.
  • Fully equipment van with trailer for disposal
  • Landscaping, Planting,Trimming,Shaping and General Care
  • Treatment for Diseased Plants and Bushes Completed
  • Water Features and Garden Lighting Designed and Installed
  • Pergola’s and Seating Area’s

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