About Pervolia

near Larnaca, Cyprus


Also known as Perivolia (with an i) meaning orchard in the Greek language, certainly lives up to its name with green areas all around the village. It is a short drive from Kiti towards the sea and has a lovely cobbled village centre surrounded by tavernas, small shops and bars. It is very popular as a relaxing place to eat and drink and enjoy traditional Cypriot entertaining. In the height of the summer there are belly dancers in the tavernas, and the road is closed to traffic, tables are placed in the street and there is entertainment in the form of music and dancing.

The splendid church is a focal point of the village and it is perhaps a look back at Cyprus prior to the increase in tourism over that last few years. The road from the main street leads down to the coast and here there are marvelous views from the cape along unspoiled beaches.

For the more adventurous there is a very popular kite surfing club on the Pervolia coastline which attracts visitors from all over the world.

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